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There’s no better time than the present to invest in a premium 9×12 area rug. As homeowners looking to spruce up your living space, you’ll know that area rugs are a fantastic way to bring a room together and enhance your home’s appeal, comfort level and sophistication. In Bellevue, WA, we’re having an unbelievable sale with up to 70% off on our premium quality 9×12, 8×10 and smaller area rugs. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss, as it’s not often you get such a fantastic deal on large rugs from top brands.

Gazalle Fine Rugs specializes in the utmost quality. Whereas other dealers sell pre fabricated, machine built, lesser quality rugs, Gazalle specializes in hand made, hand knotted, high quality premium rugs that are now up to 70% off. These are investments in your place and home, and bring together a space and a home like no other piece can.

Our fine staff are great people who know rugs and the rug industry inside and out. Most of our staff have a minimum of 15 years in the industry, and we pride ourselves on being honest, transparent and above all, helpful in helping you find what works best for you and your space.

Benefits of a 9×12 Area Rug

The 9×12 area rug isn’t just larger than your average rug. Its size contributes to its uniqueness and versatility. It can cover more ground, protect more floor, and create more visual impact. Imagine walking into a room and the first thing your eye catches is a bold and beautiful 8×10 rug, it’s quite the visual charm, right? That’s the beauty of investing in large rugs, they can transform the aesthetic of any room they’re placed in.

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Aren’t Nicer, Quality Rugs More Expensive? Is it Worth it To Invest in a Rug?

It may be a common misconception that such high-quality area rugs are on the pricey side. We’re here to set the record straight on that myth. With our special clearance rug sale, you’ll undoubtedly secure a bargain. On top of the sizable discounts, you’d be purchasing rugs that are durable, stylish, and very on-trend. They’re ideal canvases letting you boldly express your personal style in your space.

9×12 or 8×10 rugs can create a dramatic centerpiece in any room, define areas in open space, or bring a comforting touch of warmth and elegance. It’s not just a rug – it’s a fashion piece. It’s a comfort provider. It’s a floor saver. It’s many rugs in one. And with our rug sale, you can add that touch of class and sophistication to your home without breaking the bank.

We’re here to help anytime you’re looking for a rug.

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